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Lending fees and rental time
Lending fees, rent in other words, is charged after 24 hours after car take-over. Type of fee and the amount charged depends on the lending time. The minimum time charged is 24 hours. In case this time is exceeded by more than 59 minutes, another 24 hours will be charged. The rent time may be prolonged. if the customer asks for it in writing, by phone or personally before the end of the rent time runs out. If the rent time is not extended in such a way, the customer is obliged to pay the basic lending fees. In case of a car brake-down the rent is not charged through the time of the repairs.

Driving limitations
Driving limitations may occur in the countries of the former Yugoslavia, Albania, Ukraine and Poland.
Age driving limitations of 21 years applies only to the E and J classification.

Driving abroad
When driving abroad, the customer will obtain a “green card” (an international insurance card) charged 10% of the mentioned fee. In case of traveling to Poland the customer is obliged to buy full insurance.

Rental fees include standard insurance including coinsurance – valid around the Czech Republic and EU. In case of interest, we are able to provide above standard insurance, that frees you from coinsurance in case of an accident.

In case of any kind of accident, car theft or theft of any parts of the vehicle, the customer is obliged to call the police and fill the accident form. The form is part of the rental agreement. Without the presence of the police, the customer looses the right to claim insurance; he/she takes full responsibility for the car damage or theft. The insurance does not cover tire, axle caps, disks or accessory damage. It also doesn’t cover damage caused by violation of use instructions and damage caused by driving after an accident or car brake-down. The insurance does not cover deductions for the breach of insurance conditions.

Assistance service
In case of emergency, we offer assistance service. The service includes a mechanic, recovery service and new car apposition. Fees for such services are charged according to the valid pay list depending on the origin and extent of failure or damage. In case of an accident or failure uncaused by he customer, this service is paid for by our company.

Each car is rented with a full gas tank. If the car is returned with a smaller amount of fuel in the tank, the customer will be charged an amount taking in account the price of the missing fuel and manipulation costs.

We offer a wide variety of accessories like roof rack, child seat,snow chains and others. Provided accessories can not be subject to insurance. In case of accessory loss, damage or theft, the customer is obliged to pay the loss incurred in it’s full amount.

Car apposition/pick up
An apposition or a pick up of a car is possible anywhere in Prague. Out side of Prague a fee of 9 CZK/km (minimum of 400,-) is charged. In case of a car return without the presence of the hirer, the hirer is responsible for the condition of the returned vehicle. In case of vehicle defect or damage, the hirer agrees with valuation of these by our liable employee.

Substitute driver
For every other driver mentioned in the lees contract a fee will be charged. If a driver not mentioned in the lees contract is driving the car, it will be considered a serious breach of the contract and laying a claim for the insurance will be impossible in case of any car damage.

Outside service hours
Vehicle apposition or pick up outside service hours will be charged 150 CZK for the first hour and 200 CZK for any other hour initiated. In case of airport apposition a flight number must be stated in the reservation.


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Non-stop transport service.

Cash payments possible. The price relates to the car, not to the number of passengers.

We are a reliable partner for a safe, discreet and comfortable passenger transport.


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